Interior – Moroccan tiles

This was a practice piece. I’ve found a nice interior photo on pinterest and I tried to replicate it in Cinema 4D (the original photo is at the end of this post). The final image is not 100% identical to the original, but I kinda like it anyway.

The interesting part of modeling has been done in ZBrush. The surface details on the tiles and the counter are not a displacement map, they are actual (decimated) geometry. The faucet modeling was so uninteresting that I just put a couple of cylinders together.

Lighting and rendering have been done entirely in Cinema 4D and its excellent render engine. I’ve used a HDR image (from the sIBL archive) coupled with an infinite light to light the scene. The texturing is almost completely procedural (the noise shader is just great). The only non-procedural texture is the wood at the bottom.

Post production in Photoshop.



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